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Natural Soap On A Rope

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Handmade in Cheshire specifically for BooBee by the artisan producer The Cheshire Soap company using all natural products including Cheshire honey, Cheshire rapeseed oil and enriched with shea butter. The proprietary blend of essential oils and natural colouring helps make it long lasting. The signature Boobee fragrance will also ensure your body smells as amazing as it feels.

As well as helping to stop the soap going soggy in a soap dish, the soap on the rope is a subtle reminder to check your breast friends for lumps and bumps.

We also have a fragrance and colour free Soap On A Rope.

Every single penny from the profits from this sale go towards funding the important work of Prevent Breast Cancer. By buying this product you are helping us create a future free form breast cancer.

*As a result of natural ingredients, the soaps may naturally discolour over time.